Roidmi Mojietu Smart Lightning-A Tire Inflator Pump

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150psi/10.3bar | 1 Click Operation | Preset & Auto-Stop | Portable | Fast Inflate | LCD Display

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Roidmi Lightning Tire Inflator
Fast charge 2600mAh high capacity
Sometimes it's really long to wait a few more minutes In the hot and scorching sun, on the side of the stormy road, in the cold snowy night. What should I do if the tire is flat and the tire pressure is unstable,There is no need to look for an auto repair shop or wait. Moiietu inflatable escort carefree travel.
Moiietu inflator upgrades the motor as the 3rd generation, and the improved permanent magnet DC motor makes recip- rocating linear motion in high-precision alloy die-casting cylin- der, which can save 7 minutes by filling a single car tire.lll
Last time I found the repair shop to inflate, walking for 40 minutes. It would be nice being able to carry one inflator.
Moiietu inflator weighs 480g, and is only the size of a can of Coke. It can be placed in the car as you like. It is light and porta- ble. It does not take up space. It can even be put into a back- pack or pocket. It is an essential emergency tool for travel.
The motorbike leaked again on the way to work, but fortunately I brought Lightning. Otherwise, half a day's salary is gone.
The tire leaks on the road of self driving. Without Lighting, I can only spend the night in the wilderness.
The tire leaks during long-distance cycling. There is no repair shop around without the implementation of Lighting.
With Lightning inflator, you can feel more secure on the court.
The fuselage adopts aerospace aluminum integral molding design, which can be extremely light while protecting the strength of the fuselage. The surface of the cylindrical body is wrapped with an anode process protection layer, which has a more comfortable holding feeling.
and can meet the standby time of up to one year when it is fully charged, so there is no need to worry about running out of electricity.
Intelligent touchable color screen display, a variety of inflation modes can be selected at will, and there is also a friendly triple air nozzle conversion head; digital tire pressure monitoring, preset pressure to stop when filling.
Tire pressure of electric vehicle mode set is 2.5bar
Tire pressure of ball mode set is 8psi
When emergency inflation is required during a night iourney, not only can the LED lights be turned on for auxiliary lighting, but also the warning light mode can be turned on to warn passing vehicles to give way to ensure safety. When you en- counter]-nore difficulties, you can also turn on the SOS light mode and ask for help.
What should I do if I forgot to charge in an emergency? Moiietu inflator uses a more mainstream Type-C charging inter- face, which is compatible with most mobile phone chargers. Both car chargers and power banks can be connected, fast charging, and alleviating urgent needs.
Intimate storage bag Heat insulation and anti-collision, carefree travel Moiietu inflator comes with a handy storage bag, which is not only portable and easy to store, but also has the function of heat insulation and anti-collision protection inflatable treasure. It is personally portable and makes travel safer and carefree.
Three inflatable nozzles one machine with multiple uses
French valve adapter Mountain bikes, electric bikes Motorcycle and automobile Use
Show craftsmanship in details
[I]. In a fully charged state, the time saved for charging a single car, electric car, or bicycle tire from 0 to standard pressure is 462 seconds, 60 seconds, and 78 seconds compared to products from other companies. (Standard air pressure: 2.5bar for cars, 40psi for electric cars, 1 20psi for bicycles). [2]. In the fully charged state, the 6 pcs of pressure as 21 5/60 RI 7 car tires can be inflated from 2.0bar to 2.5bar; [3]. In the fully charged state, the 7 pcs of pressure as 1 10/80-19 motorcycle tires can be inflated from 0psi to 120psi; [4]. In the fully charged state, the 9 pcs of pressure as 700*25c road bike tires can be inflated from 0bar to 2.4bar.



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  1. Waqas (verified owner)

    It is the best portable Inflator at moment, digital display, touch control, it can be used with cars to balls, it has a c-port for charging.It takes a little patience to inflate the car tires.

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