Xiaomi Qcooker Kitchen Electric Ceramic Induction Stove


Induction Stove is for universal use , no high-frequency radiation, wide-range temperature adjustment knob, real-time temperature display

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QCOOKER Electric Ceramic Stove Suitable for various pots, far-infrared heating, wide range of knob temperature adjustment, real-time temperature display
Any pot can be used Different from the limitation that the induction cooker can only use iron cookware, the electric ceramic stove is suitable for a variety of high temperature resistant pans, which is flexible and convenient. tookfun, Glassware, metal baking trays, clay pots, alloy pots, iron pots, stainless steel pots
It is not picky about the material of the pot, it is easy to use, and it can also be used as a tea stove, which not only boils water quickly, but also has its own insulation function.
Multiple functions Can easily meet various cooking needs, frying, frying, steaming, roasting, cooking.
Multiple functions Whether it is a simple steak meal for one person or a hot pot feast for family and friends gatherings, QCooker can make it.
Infrared heating Using the principle of far-infrared heating, No high-frequency radiation, suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.
Integrated microcrystalline panel Easier cleaning Microcrystalline panel is explosion-proof and durable. The integrated forging process prevents oil stains and makes cleaning easier.
Timing function Turn on the timer function, you can do other housework while steaming and stewing food, you can also watch TV or take a nap, and never have to worry about it again.
Knob type temperature adjustment Simulate the traditional gas stove control method, and turn it gently to precisely adjust the firepower. Touch keys for simple operation.
Double protection When the temperature of the machine is too high, the machine will automatically power off, stop heating, double protection measures, safer
High temperature safety reminder When the electric ceramic stove is used and the close button is pressed, the user will be reminded by the buzzer that the panel temperature is high, please do not touch it. It will stop ringing when the temperature drops to 60 degrees.
Anti-scalding handle integrated engineering design, safe and anti-scalding
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