Liven 5L Large Capacity Air Fryer White

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5L capacity, can roast whole chicken, visual window, knob timing temperature adjustment, detachable design and easy to clean

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Liven Oil-Free Air Fryer (KZ—J5000A)
smoke free baking
As a long-time foodie, every time you see food can not control your mouth, and afterwards worry about whether you will gain weight? you will not eat unhealthy? Will you get acne tomorrow? A new way to use the oil-free air fryer to fry a variety of cravings snacks, low-fat and less oil to give foodies the ability to eat healthy.
5L large capacity Cater to the whole family appetite
Knob to control the time & adjust the temperature Rotate at your own pace
The energy-gathering ring shows different colors to represent different temperatures, so as to control the cooking temperature. Different ingredients have their own cooking process, so that the nutritional structure of the food is not destroyed by high temperature.
Using hot air for baking, the food grease is separated into the dripping bucket, and the side wall of the frying basket adopts a vertical air guide groove design, the bottom of the pot is convex hot air return, the fan runs at a high speed and strong circulation, the energy is concentrated, the food is heated evenly, and there is no oily smoke And the food is crispy and delicious.
The frying basket, bakeware, and dripping bucket are all separated designs, which are easy to disassemble and wash. It is also convenient to take out food at times.
You can directly enjoy the dynamic cooking process of food without opening the lid, and you can add the food at the right time according to your personal taste.
Make a variety of baked healthy snacks
Thoughtfulness in every detail
Heating tube protective cover 8 high-speed blades
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1 review for Liven 5L Large Capacity Air Fryer White

  1. Faheem Arif

    Easy to use, beautiful appearance, affordable price,
    the transparent glass is convenient

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