Xiaomi Leravan Folding Massage Foot Bath – Grey


Enjoy a foot bath every night to promote good sleep, folding storage, constant temperature heating, foot massage

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Xiaomi Youpin Leravan Massage
Foot Bath Electric Folding PTC Heating Bubble
Leakage Protection Thermostat

  1. Product Name Leravan Folding Foot Bath
  2. Product Model: LF-ZP008
  3. Heating Temperature: 42 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ C
  4. Capacity: 5.1L
  5. Rated Voltage: 220V ~
  6. Rated Frequency: 50Hz Rated Power: 500W
  7. Folding Size: 434mm * 409mm * 105mm
  8. Expanded Size: 434mm * 409mm * 228mm

1. If you are using a pacemaker or implanted medical device, please consult your doctor before use.

2. Children should come into contact with this product under supervision to ensure that they do not treat the product as a toy. 3. Pregnant women, diabetics, and people with the illness must consult a doctor before using the product.

4. If your muscles or joints are painful for a long time, please stop using this product and consult your doctor.

5. Do not use this product if you have wounds, bruises, red and swollen air bubbles, burns, swelling, or skin ulcers.

6. This product has a heating surface, please use it with caution if you are not sensitive to heat. Precautions To avoid unexpected situations, please read the relevant precautions in the instruction manual before use. Use the product according to the instructions in the correct procedure.

Xiaomi Leravan Massage Foot Bath Folding Design I Constant Temperature Heating I Bubble Massage I Leakage Protection
Your Feet Warm When You Warm Your Body The feet are at the ends of the body, but the gathering place of blood vessels and acupoints. So once your feet are cold, they will take away most of the body's heat. Lega folding foot bath, thermostatic care of your feet, gi=you a foot bath experience like a hot spring.
Foldable Foot Bath Simple Storage Saves Effort Tired of the dilemma of having nowhere to store your foot bath after soaking your feet? The LEGA folding foot bath has a foldable design, which can be restored to the smallest storage volume with a single touch. After folding, it is only 1/5 of the height of a traditional foot bath, and can be easily stored under the bed, next to the wardrobe, and under the sofa.
Integrated Molding Process Durable PP panel is durable, 55DTPR material is leak-proof and will not deform after 10,000 times of folding. The one-piece molding process guarantees the durability of the product, so that you will not have to worry about water leakage for a long time.
43c Constant Temperature Foot Bath Soak Your Feet In The Hot Spring PTC is heated at a constant temperature to control the water temperature at about 43 C. The temperature is always maintained during use. The heating device is wrapped and isolated by ceramic insulation layer, which is safe to use. Your feet are like being in a hot spring, so that your feet, body and mind are completely relaxed.
Pulse Bubble Massage Wash Your Feet From Exhaustion
Bottom Finger Plate Design Foot Massage Simulated finger press massage, covered with raised massage points at the bottom of the foot bath, stimulates the foot meridi- ans, relieves foot fatigue and makes the foot bath more relaxed.
Minimalist Design One-Click Control Elders Can Use It Easily Change the complicated button design of traditional foot bath, simple one-button operation, easy to turn on constant temperature heating, bubble massage, even the elders can easily use it.
Built-In Anti-Leakage Protection Reassure Parents The ZSCT anti-leakage protection device is set in the foot bath, which is safe and beautiful. In extreme cases, the device can automatically cut off the power within 0.05 seconds to eliminate hidden dangers.
Bottom Power Cord Storage



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